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Karaoke party

Do you have the X-factor in you? Become the Talent for a night! This very popular party activity can be part of a company event, training, birthday party, wedding or even a house party.

The succes and the applause will be an everlasting memory! No matter how many hours you have been to a singing instructor, what grade you received at school or if you were missing out the classes. The key is the good mood, the talent and bravery when you perform your song!

If you ever tried this, you can remember of how great these nights can be! A show like this gives the opportunity to everyone to try how your favorite song suits your voice! We say: „There is no bad singer,only the music might be to low...”

Karaoke party packages:

Basic: karaoke musics, mirofons, technician
Professional: karaoke musics, microfons, technician, loudspeakers, projector and screen/Tv
Got talent: karaoke musics, microfons, technician, loudspeakers, 2 projectors, 2 screens/Tvs and a presenter
Program information: 

Type of program: karaoke 
Number of participants: 5-200 people 
Age recommendation: 16 years or older 
Duration: 3-5 hours 
Location: previously agreed 
Note: This program is available also during the colder seasons! 
We provide all necessary equipment for the program. 
During this program we take pictures that participants will receive.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!