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Geo Rally

We use our cars for a lot of things during the weekdays. If we go to a place where we have not been before, we easily find it with the help of the navigation devices.

But what happens when we do not know the exact address? How can we find the goal if we do not have our car navigation?

During this program participants use their own cars. They cannot use own devices, just the equipments, tour GPS devices, maps and information received from us.

We will reach such stations where it is worthy to stop for some minutes and admire the beauties of the landscape. 8 stations are built where we have to stop and just after solving the riddles can we go ahead to the next point, into the good direction. During the game we can create a race condition while holding the rules of the road.

Program information: 

Type of program: searching, logical and skill games with GPS 
Number of participants: 8-200 people 
Age recommendation: 8 years or older 
Duration: 3 hours 
Location: Danube Bend (starting point: Szentendre) 
Note: This program is available also during the colder seasons! 
We provide all necessary equipment for the program. 
We can arrange this program at other locations for an extra charge.

Previous reservation needed through e-mail or phone!