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About us

Relaxation – Entertainment – Experience!

It is not a coincidence that this is the slogan of SZEDA Rekreacio.

Our main goal is to plan such programs in which all the participants can relax, forget about everything and just concentrate on the games. It is important that everybody must be an active part of the program, that is why we try to put creative novelties, elements in them. We continuously work on new and unique programs, so everyone can find a suitable challenge for himself.

According to our experiences a team-building program can be successful if the participants perceive it as entertainment and not as a compulsory program. Before the transaction comes a precise and accurate organisation for which we always prepare so as to provide an everlasting experience for all the participants in case of even a 100-person team. Jollity, fun and cheerfulness are all the characteristics of our programs.

What else could make a team up better than a common experience or we can even say a common positive experience? This is the aim of our team-building experience programs; to allot all the groups independent of interest to success. We are ready to organise unique conceptions, not just the programs listed on our website, at any point of the country or even over the borders. According to our former observations we can guarantee that the participants will leave with great experiences.

Our Team

The members of SZEDA Rekreacio will defenitely create a joyful atmosphere on the programs as all the colleagues can perform fitting tasks and excercises.

Dávid BaloghDávid Balogh
"I got my degree in recreation organisation at University of Szeged after receiving an NQR qualification of sportanimator and coach. I have been organising and managing outdoor and indoor team-building trainings, family- and sport days for casual and official events for 5 years. I have been doing sports since my early childhood. I always try to organise playful, entertaining and creative programs. Our mission is to send all the participants home satisfied, with smile on their face and having brand-new experiences."


Fanni SzentpéteriFanni Szentpéteri
"I have finished my studies at University of Physical Education, Faculty of Recreation. Sport has always had an important role in my life, mainly volleyball that I was doing as competitive sport for years. During my university studies I spent two summer periods in the USA where I was pitching with kids. Now I am working as a ski instructor. Even in my free time I look for active programs."


Zoltán BéniZoltán Béni
"I was born in Dunaújváros that was called national sport town by the millennium, so this highly determined my character and my fields of interest. Here I started to attract to sports. Later I came to study to Budapest, I became a student of Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of PE and History. It became sure to me that health preservation and improvement will accompany my whole life. I try to exploit my pedagogic vocation beside team-buildings also by teaching the futsal team of ELTE-BEAC U17."


Gábor EgerváriGábor Egervári
"I was exercising a lot already in my childhood, so I was studying in a primary sport school. I started to play football as a competitive sport at this time. I continued my studies in the sport class of Kölcsey Ferenc High School and then I finished them at Semmelweis University, Faculty of PE and Science of Sports as sportsmanager. In 2011 I became the technical director of one of the most popular football teams where I spent 2 years and then looking for new challenges I joined the SZEDA team. I try to enhance the level of our team-buildings with my kindness and my good organisation skills. „


Ivett ÁtyimIvett Átyim
"I have finished my studies at Károly Róbert College, Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality, specialised as Event Organisation in 2011. I have been working as animator and hostess for 6 years and as clown and photographer for 2 years. I live my job as entertainment and hobby as I do what I do like.During the team-building programs not just the participants, but also I fill up with positive energy. I like the unexpected, new situations and challenges. My hobbies are sport, reading and travelling."


János DobrovkaJános Dobrovka
"Sport has been part of my life since my childhood. Firts I started with swimming then came the triathlon. In both sports I became member of the National Hungarian Team. I got my degree in Eötvös Lóránd University, Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation and also got a certificate as trithlon sport instructor. I have got a 13-year old experience as sport instructor, swim instructor and projekt leader and a 2-year old teaching experience that I try to utilize during the team-buildings.”



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